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Located in the heart of Downtown Orlando’s beautiful Historic Thornton Park District, on a campus of  five elegantly restored early 20th century homes, “The Rogue” has been host to hundreds of  fantastic weddings, corporate galas and festive catered affairs. We are also ideal for conferences, educational seminars and charity events.

Our proximity to downtown and exquisite atmosphere are our unique selling proposition and we provide transportation service for clients and guests visiting from out of town. Neighborhood Rogue offers a meticulously tended to venue rife with state of the art technological amenities and unparalleled hospitality. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and providing the highest quality experience for our guests.

Our Destination Meeting Services and Executive Team Building Programs have entertained clients at worldclass golf course, yachting centers and major sporting events. We are on site logistics and hospitality specialists for numerous business conference clients who wish to stand out and make positive impressions in the crowded world of specialty corporate destination services.